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Sasha George
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United States
I began my journey on deviantart nine years ago. When I absolutely held no training, or identity to my artisan passion. Along the way I met an astounding amount of deviantart stock models who encouraged me to further my style. Then eventually attending the Art Institute of California to broaden my technique's.

Over the years, I've reached many goals. I've published my first art book " The Artworld of Sasha's Innovations." A collectable book of artwork no longer sold. Touched film & Music projects with a keener eye. I have a better articulation pallet when identifying artwork for my fellow artisan's on, and off, deviantart.

In retrospect you will find that I am not a conformist to one style. I like to be continually challenged, and a thinker outside the box. I'm extremely passionate. I do not produce art as if I'm a copy machine. I enjoy slow methods like the master's of old. conclusion I welcome collaborations if my schedule allows it. I'm completely approchable, and certainly professional. Thank you for visiting my little corner on deviantart.

Web Site:


To my endearing supporters & amazing Stock models,

I wanted to let you know that I have been taking a temporary break from creating expressive artworks.  I have decided to dabble a little in a whole other artisan spectrum, and that is writing a novel.…   The Novel is called "Vampire Remorse" the cover is an art piece that I designed.   

I promise my temporary leave from artwork will not be long.  I will continue, and always love making art.  For now I am enjoying this new adventurous adjective writers passion.  Wish me luck

<3 Sasha

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

It is unbelievable that this tradition bringing people together stemmed so many years ago. That it instilled so much passion to continue it today. That definitely is something to admire, and be thankful.

May you enjoy being with family, friends, or acquaintance. May the cooks who provide you hospitality eating there meal be commendable, savory, and scrumptious.

For those who take a moment to give grace. May your prayers be answered, and that he blesses your life --another thankful thing on this traditional day.

Anyone is home alone without family.May your TV dinner be the best you've ever tasted this year.

Over all, have a great day living life to the fullest, because I'm thankful for each and everyone of you.

Good morning art lovers, or afternoon pending where you are in the world. ...

It is another fine day to be creatively productive. I have a new piece in production. Now I know your trying to guess what type of piece will it be.

Will it be romantic, indepth, adventerous, portriat, evil/good, landscape, or photography. Well I'll let you guess. The first person who get's the closest will get a spotlight on my art web site, for all eternity.

You can either guess here or join in what others are saying on my facebook art page:…
Never stop believing what you believe in. Never cease to search for that expressive conduit to show others what your imagination, pain, and thoughts are all about. If you must bleed your soul today. Then do it, because we are all creative artist.
Where do you start when you are given the question, "what's your story?" You sit there mulling over the beginning. How did you get from point A, to point B, without leaving a singular detail out? Naturally you ponder will anyone truly read this snippet about who you are and why you became you? Because certainly there are individuals who want to know the whole story, and others who don't want to be left out of the story.

....soooo.....My DeviantArt Story

I learned about Deviantart through illiara who attended the Art Institute with me. I found the stock modeling perspective really neat. Perfect timing too because I had just started attending photoshop class. Not that they taught the great illustration technique's you see today. No, it was more how to use the program for company logo's, graphic designs, and yada, yada.

illiara, became my partner in many of my artworks. I fell in love with her intellectualism, dedications in finding the right mood pose for my artwork, and her communication professionally and suggestively. I wanted to share like many other artist on Deviantart, so I created my very first account per her suggestion. The name still makes me laugh Heretic of Sin -- I was going for that gothic genre of art. If you visit that little gallery you can see that my skill set wasn't exactly on the marksmanship today. We all go through that trial and error in learning how to better our imaginations.

A recent discussion I had with Najeebah-K about growth in artwork. She found me a shiny example in artistry, but I can't take credit initially. Our discussion went further in long term strife to finally discover your own methods, and style. She quoted " I hope to make you proud one day." I truly hope she does. I love being an inspiration to seeing others grow. I believe you shouldn't put yourself on such a high pedestal. What makes you great is being a compassionate teacher, or even if you don't want to teach, at least be communicative to guide someone to the right tools.

As I began to grow, an searching for diversity for my artwork. That is when I met Elandria who tugged at emotions in so many ways with her stock. Which isn't no surprise because now she's quite a passionate influence for stock models all in Deviantart. She provides so many things to protect them, encourage them, and introducing the community to others who want to be equally inspiring to an artist. Listen to me, I could brag, and brag an eternity about her. Over all this is why my heart and soul mesh well with her, because of that cherished heart I have with her. ( I made her my son's god-mother).

There are others out there who also helped me grow as an artistic soul. Individuals who I sat and saw how much they've committed their souls to art, and for others. Individuals at some points collaborating, chit chatting, or merely giving a point of interest in one another's work helped bring such a strong friendship/or/acquaintance on DA ----takuminanashi , lindowyn-stock m Rachzee , jenepooh , JunkbyJen , White-Feather , Kencho , mizzd-stock , KerriAnnCrau , Aunia-Kahn, soys , kayceeus, miss69, Mehrunnisa-stock , TammySue , jademacalla , Loveit , Sharkfold , jessangel2003, evilpixie71 , AJHege, Mithgariel-stock

I also was in a long hiatus, but revived by jackaroo4u who I absolutely love to pieces. He never ceases to remind me where I came from, and what my artwork does for people.  This individual is the love of my life artisticly. I am so grateful for all that he's lead me out of depression and devestation to a new world. Sometimes you need that stronger hand to uplift you off the ground, and brush you off.  I was scared. Especially because my life was already on a line of dying from a tedious blood clot.  jackaroo4u saved me physically and artisticly an I owe him so much. I really do. I love you Jack!!! May our creative unity last forever....

There are so many people on DA that I respect, and cherish. I've come a long way when it comes to giving DA a part of me, and to it's many members. What I do know is that I am glad it is here. I'm most appreciative to those who I soon come to meet. I'm grateful to all the stock model's who allow me to be expressive, so much expression, that I'm able to produce two artistic books. viewing those models in the books is the highlight of my life. I love when people as me about them, and why I choose them. That is what makes me all the more giddy, because the root of art is who inspired you. Stock models have....always..

Now that I've rambled on a small portion of my deviantart story. You get the idea about my existences in it's 'web' artisan world community..  I love art. I love my stock models, and I wholesomely enjoy everyone here. Thus far over my course of 9 years.  Thank you for everything --everyone.

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